10 Mistakes Everybody Missed in Money Heist

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10 Mistakes Everybody Missed in Money Heist

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[10 Mistakes Everybody Missed in Money Heist]
Among the popular shows watched worldwide is none other than the recent resurfaces phenomenon Money Heist. A Spanish heist crime drama series first aired in 2017 on the Spanish network Antena 3.
The series is narrated by Tokyo, a bank robber in search of a hideout from the police, being recruited by a man who goes by the name of 'The Professor'. He invites her to participate in his plan, to rob the Royal Mint of Spain and walk away with €2.4 billion, accompanied by seven other robbers namely, Berlin, Rio, Denver, Moscow, Oslo, Helsinki, and Nairobi.

With a growing fan base worldwide, it has its audience glued to their seats. The building tension, the nail-biting suspense, the blooming romance between characters and the buzzing action has fans addicted to the show. It has managed to garner a large number of viewers and is one of the top three most streamed shows on Netflix. It is highly popular in Italy, Argentina, France, Portugal, and Brazil.

But no matter how good a show is there are some mistakes that some audience picks up before the production crew. However small, these errors are still there. Let's look at the “10 mistakes everybody missed in money heist”.

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